Vanilla Cupcakes

What? Cupcakes? Baking?
Yeah, I bake. In fact, I love to bake! And most recently I taught myself to make different sorts of cupcakes and muffins because, you know, it's semester break and I wanted to include something useful in my week plan that hadn't to do with language practise, working or fitness.
Having received two cupcake baker's books for Christmas and my last birthday, I was ready to go!

Today I wanted to show you my vanilla cupcakes from a recipe available here. Unfortunately, there's no English version for that recipe - but don't worry, there will be more sorts of cupcakes and muffins coming soon!

For these, I used flavour from real vanilla beans and also made buttercream. I was glad everything worked out well and a colleague from work even said she imagined me as a new third member of 2 Broke Girls!

And I love taking pictures of them. I really do. Nothing makes me more proud than catching a long lasting memory of my creations before they're eaten up forever. That's the sad thing about pastries :(


  1. die sehen ja sooo lecker aus- da würde ich jetzt gerne reinbeißen :)
    menno :(
    liebe grüße
    maren anita

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