Shopping at OASAP (Review)

Ok, I don't do shop reviews normally and this blog is all about crafts and inspiration, but I was so glad when I found a few reviews on the web about certain online shops, so I thought it would only be an advantage for every reader and potential  OASAP client if I did one, too.

You'll find OASAP here and it seems that they have regular coupons, plus a 20% off for every newly registered customer. I haven't used mine till now because my orders were only so tiny. I also couldn't use the Halloween code "Halloween2012" because my first order was only 31 €.

Big thing is, OASAP does worldwide free shipping and the prices aren't so high that one could say 'Ok, I know where the supposedly 'free' charges went...' That is NOT the case. Of course in this shop you'll find very expensive stuff, but also small prices considering that shipping is free!

Shipping my first order took 1,5 weeks from Hongkong to Germany. I was always informed where my order currently had been, except from the last, say, 4 days when it was delivered from London to Germany.

My first oder was this fleece lined cardigan (I reject to call it parka somehow...):

It's very cosy and worth its 30€! The price tends to fluctuate, so ... It fits well, I may need to tighten it around the waist. Colours are stronger than in the picture which is good.
The shipping was as fast as it could be, I was always informed which is very satisfying.

It STINKS when it arrives. Yeah, the way you would imagine it to stink. I must admit, I wore it anyway the first day, couldn't wait. After washing it it should be fine.
I noticed that the fabric wasn't the most beautiful but still absolutely what you can expect for the price!

That's me wearing it:

I'm already waiting for my next order, a winter jacket (hopefully warm enough):

It was 33 € (now it's 44) for only 5 hours left and I thought it was a real bargain... And I must say I like not knowing what it will look like on me, in the worst case I can still alter it! 

I hope that helped.

Oh, and I've got a friend that waits for her order from http://unifclothing.com/ for 2 months now! Just a warning in case you want to buy something there!

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