First cameo pendants! :)

Finally I could make my wish true of having those specific cameos I always wanted <3

Recently I updated you on the amount of cameo material I bought. And now...

...I can say I'm almost done with all of it! There are some missing chains for necklaces still, but I wanted to show you what I had accomplished already ;)

1,30 € at the copy shop. That's what I like about DIY: Such small amounts of money spent can make you feel so excited!

Sugar skull pendant
Breakfast at Tiffany's <3
Friendship necklace *sighs* Me and my bffhfkjsmskcslcnfl. blah.
Zombie pendant
Sweeney Todd
Nightmare before Christmas
Zombie Pt. 2
Zombie Pt. 3
Zombie Pt. 4

There are also upcoming rings, but I don't have ring bases atm because I'm running out of money :/


  1. GOdlike!!!
    Das zwingt mich dazu, mir auch solche Kameen zu besorgen.. ich liebe Kameen <3

  2. ich liebe deine Cameos und ich liebe uns :) wunderbaaaaaar <3

  3. wow! das ist ja richtig toll *-* die kette sieht super süß aus und die idee ist echt klasse! <3


  4. Looks very very good. I make earring in this style with frankenstein and sugar skulls <3 i love ure pics where do you find them ?