Wishes for 2012

Though the year is nearly halfway through, I like to spend some thoughts on ways to make my life more enjoyable, resolutions, process and wishes for 2012. Especially of the unexpected long shadows the last year casted, I guess. Another point is that my 21st birthday is coming and I feel a certain ambition and inspiration to do things better.
I just came across a tumblr blog which is about wishes for 2012. Lots of users contribute to it and send in their wishes: http://2012-wishes.tumblr.com/
I found it pretty inspiring and saved some pictures to post them on here. :)

Who doesn't want that? This year's a chance to get closer to mine :)

At this point: Hello assholes. 

In 2012 I'm going to pause according to relationships. I'm just too tired. But because of this rule, nothing really bad will happen which is a real relief :)


After having seen the movie, I want to read the books - I find it nice to already having faces in mind then :)

And I actually have, at least the colour. But atm they're dark brown. But I'm planning on getting my natural haircolour back by the end of the year! Curls? Hmm, probably not. They're too straight for them.

Already done!

Because my summers tend to be lame, I'm hoping for a better one this year ;)

Won't come true anyway.

I want to get the feeling of being wanted more. I tend to do a lot for other people, neglecting my own needs. This will stop this year.

It's not available in Germany yet :(
Won't be happening as well, but a dream is a dream. :D

Don't even know if there's a new album this year.. hope dies last.

Yeah I promise, that was the last Taylor Swift pic :D Sorry!

Oh yes! After an overdone, entertaining part one I'm looking forward on the second part!
That was a little extract of my wishes. Many will come true possibly, others won't... But I find it important to have wishes anyway. There's a need for drive.


  1. sehr schöner Post :)
    Was auf mich auch zutrifft ist definitiv:
    become more independent & feel wanted.
    und alles "lebe deinen traum und dich selbst"-mäßige ;D

  2. Ja, wie ich dieses Lied liebe! *_*
    Und schönen Post, ich denke ich kann mich bei fast allen Zielen anschließen! :)