How to: Fabric-covered buttons

After procrastinating, here's the button-post :D And why they aren't exactly buttons anymore and things you can do with these darlings instead!

This is gonna a a (stolen) tutorial about covering old buttons with lovely fabrics. Crazy people like me do things like that with'em:

...Rings. And as a consequence you get compliments from kids on the train! Really happened! :D I also have an order from a friend, she wants one with a purple care bear. Yay for childhood heroes!
So, here we go:


that's what I discovered later. First, I did it in such a dumb way, which you can find here:
Plus, the first method is waaay faster done when you're sitting in a lecture taking notes... :P

That's what it looks like when you want to cover the wrinkles with felt. I wouldn't recommend it though if you want to make a ring because then it gets too thick and sticks out afterwards which won't look pretty.

I've made loads more but they aren't photographed yet... I'm planning on more. And THAT'S WHY buying tiny scraps of fabric pays! The main point is having the print at home.
Other options to use them might be hair bows, maybe even earrings, bracelets, Buttons for bags, everything that can be decorated... :)

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