Minnie Mouse Nails

Ok, so the girly girl in me wanted some attention and I let her go crazy with my nails today. Yesterday I found many cute nail inspirations and definitely was itching to try some!


All you Dexter addicts out there should recognize these!

Ohhh I love Pinterest.

These were the ones I gave a go:

...Yet partly, because, I mean, these are obviously not done at home with three colours and a q-tip!

Arent't they cute??
Even if I don't do crafting tutorials at the moment, I still do nails. :) I found out that using the simple brush from the polish bottle is more effective than using a tooth pick! Also, this takes long to dry. You shouldn't be on the run, plan to do them when you have plenty of time on your hands. (On your hands... get it? Ok, that one was weak.)

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