Almost Alice Cupcakes from Christinamachtwas

Dear lovely readers,

I´d like to introduce myself. My Name is Christina, I´m a friend of Anna and a blogger myself. At Christinamachtwas I share with you my latest recipes, my thoughts and so much more. Take a look, but first I´d like to show you my Almost Alice Cupcake that I created just for my lovely Anna.

For the inspiration I took a picture that Anna posted a few posts back. It´s this one:

I thought it would be perfect for a Cupcake, and I was right. They´re terrific, aren´t they?

You will need for 6 - 8 Cupcakes:

200 g Flour
1/2 Ts Bakingpowder
1/2 Ts Natron (Bakingsoda)
1 pinch of Salt
 70 g Butter
100 g Sugar
1 Egg 
75 ml Milk
2 Hands full Berrys (Blueberrys + Red Currant)
1/2 Lemon



Mix together flour, bakingpowder,
bakingsoda & salt.
Whisk butter and sugar until it´s fluffy.
Add the egg and the milk to the buttermixture
and whisk until it´s comined.
Now add the flourmixture and
only use a wooden spoon to combine.
    It´s not bad if there are flourflakes in the batter!
Now add the berrys and gently fold them in.
If you like you can squeeze a little bit of
the lemonjuice in the batter.
Fill it in papercups and bake at 180 °C about
12 - 15 Minutes. Make the "chopstick"-test.
Let them cool completely.

And for the frosting you´ll need:


250 g Mascapone
1 Package Cream Cheese
2 - 4 Ts Powdersugar
Food dye in teal and blue

if you want: Sugarpearls in black


Whisk everything together and 
garnish the Cupcakes with it. 
                                  Add Sugarpearls to the frosting and enjoy!

I hope you liked my little sweet Almost Alice Cupcakes & I would be pleased to welcome you to my blog as well. 

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  1. Berrys cupcakes *¬* they must taste amazing, and the frosting makes them look amazing too!