How to: Map heart garland

Yay, geography!Is there anything more beautiful than atlases & maps?
Bought a second hand atlas for this and some other projects (As I already announced on my Facebook-page facebook.com/almostaliceblog - feel free to 'like' it for immediate updates. Also, google reader is going away so if you're following me via that, I recommend following my facebook!) 

Here's how to to it:

You'll need an old map or atlas, a sewing machine, scissors, a pencil and a heart template you can find on google. The whole thing took me about 30 minutes.

Print out a heart template from google, there are many different versions of hearts.
Use it to cut out hearts from a map or the pages of an atlas.
Try to vary different looks - land, ocean, mountains,...

Put your hearts into pairs. You can, for example, add an ocean dominated heart to a mountain dominated heart.

Prepare your sewing machine: Try to use thread in a matching color. Mine was green & white.

Now the tricky part: Start sewing in the middle of the first heart and work your way to the end.

Now you keep sewing about two stitches, pull up the presser foot and carefully pull the heart away from the machine. Take care that your thread doesn't get too long.

Start on the next heart and keep going :)

Lucky you, you're done!
Of course you can add even more hearts or simple round shapes.
Now hang up and enjoy!

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