Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you a little update on what I'm up to recently.
Semester break from uni is nearly over and I'm currently busy reading books for preparation, working out and shopping excessively after having saved loads of money because I was busy working out. Sounds confusing maybe. Anyway, what I haven't done in a while is crafting which you might've noticed because all you're seeing here is Inspirations of the moment, Things I love etc., but no tutorials really.

Btw - next to my Kindle eBook (with Game of Thrones on because I have to read it) lies a brand new necklace I bought last weekend, I love it. It was the kind of necklace I wanted for months but couldn't manage to create. It's made of metal and leather, and sadly I'm not trained in working with metal... But I hope to find time soon for trying to copy the shape of it - for new necklaces. And yeah, I'll share the pattern with you!

But here's something new anyway. Half a year ago, I painted the tops of some little jars which I use for my craft supplies. I haven't shown them yet. Here are two of them:

I decided to paint them with nail polish and acrylic paint in fruit patterns. Maybe that's an inspiration to you. :)

I can't tell you when I'm back on crafting track again, I hope soon. Apart from that, I have a spring jacket and a vest I made I HAVE to show you! But I couldn't take proper photos yet :(

Have a nice weekend!

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