How to: Phone case from a tie

I saw something similar on Pinterest and had to give it a try! The tie is from my father - with allowance! ;)

Here's how I did it:

Cut off the end of an old tie. Important: Cut off a larger piece than me, I had to lengthen mine later on.
Open the tie at one end and fold in the lining, pinning it
At next, sew the lining on the fabric

Then seam the outer fabric so it looks cleaner.

Pin everything together.
Handsew the layers on the lower fabric
In case there is one, remove the stitch that holds those sides together

Pin the sides together.

Handsew them, take care to not sew through every layer!

That was the moment I added another piece of tie because I realized mine was too short.

Fold the tie like this.

Pin & sew

Add snap buttons.

Done! :)


  1. Cute! great gift idea for guys :)
    My dad must have tons of ties he never uses!

    1. I gave mine to my Dad :) he liked it. He also instantly could give me 2 unused ties!