How to: Knitted Kindle Cover

...And I hope you don't expect a knitting tutorial.;)

I got a kindle for Christmas and I love it! It's so handy and I wanted to make a cover for longer journeys. There were so many options and this is the one I chose:

It's from a cable-knit second hand-shop sweater and took only about 20 minutes. Here's how I did it:

Get some thick, strong felt and find out which size you need for your ebook.

Cut out the perfect size.

Now get a sweater or knit fabric and cut out a piece of the same size as the felt rectangle

Now sew the rectangle together: Fold it in half and sew 3 sides together. Leave one open.

Looks like this.

Now do the same with the felt rectangle.

Now try out if everything fits and stuff. :P Don't worry if it doesn't, I had to correct my seams because they were too tight at first.

And now...

...pull the knit cover over the felt cover.

At last, you need to seam the edges of your open side.

Now tuck your ebook in your cover!
Of course you can also use different fabrics, colours, and decorate the cover... endless possibilities ;) Have fun!

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