Christmas Special Part 3: Christmas present DIYs

Welcome to part 3 of my Christmas special: Christmas present ideas.
Speaking about myself, making my own stuff is not only refreshening my soul but also a great opportunity to show beloved ones they're worth the time I put in crafting. I already planned on some stuff which, unfortunately, I can't show you in case some guys are spying. :P
I like this idea, especially for creative people. It's cheap, though I wouldn't think the idea is cheap.

You don't need to be a genius to make those slipper. Craftynest.com shows you how. You just need time.

Can you crochet? I tried and failed because of lacking patience :/ But these owl coasters are just adorable! If you can make them, would you mind sending one to me? Oh come ooon.. please!

Maybe something for your mom. I assume they're easy to make! Check out http://media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com/upload/230879918366517358_lOjCidoY_c.jpg

Wanted to make one all the time. Maybe now? This is from http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/253820128968453567_dEMOIVrY_c.jpg

Need gift boxes? Nothing easier than that. I can't remember how many patterns I found on that. Here's one of them: http://www.designsbymeganturnidge.com/blog/?p=935

The diy bride had a great idea of envelope liners to make your envelope more personal. Nobody will throw that away...

More coasters! This one was posted on my favourite craft website, cutoutandkeep.net! I really thought about making some. Follow the link for a How-to.

I love this idea of a bow. But I don't know the source...

I hope you can use somet of these or maybe at least one. I would make them all. If I had time.

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