Christmas Special Part 2: DIY Link Gallery

Christmas is coming. Whether that stresses you out or you're looking forward to it, my DIY Christmas gallery is worth a glimpse.

Christmas DIY links

Good housekeeping.com shows you several ideas for christmas decoration. I like the first one - styropor balls wrapped in fabric, so easy but cute!

These clay feathers aren't technically christmassy but would make great gift tags!

Making snow globes is actually super easy. Get a jar, glue an item (in this case, a snowy fir or other tree) on the inner side of the lid, pour water into the jar (+fake snowflakes), screw the lid on the jar.

Got some old Christmas bulbs left? Eddie Ross shows you what to do with them.

Love to bake? Here are some Christmas cookies ideas:

I was impressed by those cutting techniques for paper snowflakes:

Hope you liked it!

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  1. Hello! I nominated you for Liebster Award! :) Have fun!