Second hand clothing

This is a post I've prepared for a longer time, an important part of it was to get my clothes shot by Kimmy (her blog: http://kiamisu.blogspot.de/ , you can also like her photography on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kiamisu ). Because I still don't have a new camera and because she just does it better than my Mama :D
So the thing is that I decided to visit a new second hand store on my way home a few months ago, and I found a red oversize jumper for 2 €! Considering this was a rather big amount of fabric for 2 €, it was worth it and I knew I could either use the fabric, or the pattern of the garment, or just sew it tighter. Plus, I love long shirts that go over my hip because they're perfect for winter.
So the end of the story was that I kept the shape of the jumper and used a belt to stress my waist, trying not to get lost in the big piece of fabric.

I got obsessed soon and went to other second hand stores, the fact that it was SO cheap and there were so many possibilities to change the clothes, I was thrilled by it. I bought sweaters, coats, shirts... even skirts, I turned one big pleated skirt into a cape. And these are the garments I got photographed:

A black cardigan for 4 € which was bigger before and had golden buttons. I bought new black ones and tightened the cardigan.

Sweater with a pattern I love! Was oversized before too, maybe owned by an old man. 2 €

Cosy grey oversize jumper, didn't change it, 3€

Black sweater, size M, had an ugly satin collar which I removed.1 €

I can only recommend to visit second hand stores. Those were only a tiny bit of the stuff I bought, actually now I have brand new (well, you know what I mean...) clothes for the whole autumn & winter and spent at most 50 € for all of them.

Of course I also still go to stores like H&M, and recently I bought a lovely jumper that I wanted to show you.

Oh, and I bought it in size XL. Soooo cosy. Way too big. I don't care!

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