How to: Necklace display from coathanger

I need another one...
I wanted to try this. You can do too, but be aware that it might be tricky! ^^
Start with a wooden cloat hanger.
Mark the spots where you want your nails to be.

Prepare the holes with a pin. There was no way not doing it, you will need a little base before hammering the nails down.
Add nails & start painting. I put on two coats.

And you're done! Hang it up. And if you're like me you will soon realize that nearly 15 nails weren't enough. -__-


  1. auch nicht schlecht.... mein Vater hatte mir ja 2 Bretter zusammengehauen, und dann da nägel in mehreren reihen reingehämmert.... mhhh aber die baumeln alle bei mir so durcheinander/übereinander .. ^^

    das merk ich mir mal vor :3 danke für den tipp!

  2. Tolle Idee! Muss ich unbedingt nachmachen :)