How to: Customized plaid shirt

I wanna make more, they're so cheap & easy! Why buy an expensive women's shirt when you can tighten a big mens shirt from the second hand store for 1€??

photos by Ingo Gans:  http://www.facebook.com/ingo.gans 

Get a mens shirt and lay it flat on the floor. That takes a little patience, but it's possible.
Take a shirt that fits you well and lay it onto the shirt
Copy the shape of the top on the shirt and remove it.
Don't forget the seam allowance!
Try the shirt on and decide how tight you want your sleeves to be.

Now there are two options:

A. you will be perfectly satisfied with the fit of your shirt :)

B. there are still some loose spots and parts that don't fit well (more likely). Fix them. Just try and play around. But basically everything is done so far.

Oh, and I also cut the length. :)

PS: I already bought new shirts in awesome designs, can't wait!! :)

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