I'm so lazy...

...and this post is an apology, mostly to myself and of course to you. But I'm having news for you and this isn't just a 'I'm sooo sorry, I don't have time to blog at the moment'-post, especially since I DO have more time than ever right now... ^^" It's just a creative trough. Not that I don't have the inspirations, I have tons of it, and tons of ideas, but I don't have the motivation. The only stuff I got to create in the past days I will show you now :)
Those skull beads are too cool! Bought them in Canterbury, UK. I always wanted to wear them where everyone can see them, so I decided to make a bracelet.

The necklace was planned for a long time as I wanted to try to make that fabric-wrap-pearl stuff. Gonna post a tutorial soon.
I also made a zebra-fur statement ring but I forgot it at Grandma's. I'm not making that up, it's true :D
Oh, and I made sea shell earstuds.

The shells were silver buttons once, I found them in Mama's button collection. And varnished them with blue and turquoise nail polish :)

That's all by now.

I have loads of links to craft websites I'd like to post, but I also would like to say sth about them, to know them properly, you know.. I should start read one. One by another..
I'm having semester break right now and also my tiny job at the school is pausing because of vacation, so I pretty much lay around the whole day, work out, collect blog links and ideas, watching the weather switch every day (summer in Germany this year means: rain/boiling heat/surprising cold) and, as a new point I just LOVE to add, this:

No more to say. You know it.

Well.. to end it, I'd like to recommend you an awesome musician:

Florence + the Machine makes my day and plays my soundtrack for this summer. I recently discovered her and her band and I'm enchanted!

My faves on this album are You've got the love, Cosmic Love and Falling. I haven't stumbled over a band I enjoy that much since The Pretty Reckless :)

I hope y'all have an awesome week. I hope I can spread motivation and drive the next time - big time!

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