Dream big

Life's pretty stressful. Especially when it comes to the f-word.
Future! (Sorry, guys)
Will everything I plan on work out? When will people 'round me bring me down again? Can I accomplish things I wish for?

I'm a person that's afraid to dream big and I tend to expect the worst to happen just the next minute. Being so busy with being afraid and worried, I neglect the chance to just believe in things: myself, destiny, life's winding roads... I make negative stuff bigger than it is and just blink away big positive things. Like 'Yeah, that just happened and it was good, but wait for the turnaround...'

Basically, I think that's totally the wrong way life should be seen. Because life is about the image you have of it. Being mostly just in between black and white, we are able to choose which way to go. There's always a possibility to choose the optimistic way. Why the hell are we not able to take it?

Recently, I can say I have accomplished everything I wanted the most in the past few years.
First, it was a relief. And some things I can't really believe by now.
But now, it somehow scares me, too.
Nobody on earth gets all they wanted. Of course, I've worked for certain things for a certain time. And I deserve it. But I can't believe I really made it.

Now, there's time to breathe and sit down and think things through. Maybe I shouldn't be afraid to dream big anymore? Because, beneath those big goals, there are so many little things happening around me that I never even think of and just the moment they happen, I'm like: 'Wow, this is wonderful. I haven't even hoped for it.'
I don't know if other people experience those little things, too, but I know that I haven't focussed on them for a long time. The message is:

And I think if you follow this advise, everything gets nicer.

We didn't choose to live.
But why not make the best of it?

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