TATTOOMENTA/JailhouseInk/Tattoo & Piercing Show Kassel 01.06.12

This time's lack of money couldn't keep me from finally visiting the Tattoo & Piercing Show in Kassel this year, as I haven't been there last year (Shame!). Just couldn't make it. So I was there yesterday afternoon with lovely Stella.Be prepared for loooooooads of photos.

Special thing about this convention is, it's being held in a former jailhouse. Every artist has its own jail cell, which they styled up in pretty amazing ways.

I was impressed by some shops and there've been so many kind and friendly people :) But, as everywhere,... some grumpy too. "Can I take a photo?" was my main line that afternoon, and after hundreds of "..Yeah! Sure! Why not!"'s I just some time didn't ask anymore - which was a mistake because just THEN there were some really unfriendly men (tattooists) who told me not to steal their ideas (Which is pretty silly I think, because then WHY are they displaying them openly on the corridors? :D What if someone with a photographic memory walks by? :D). Well then, those are the evil men from children's books I guess. The way we were ought to think about tattooists. Thank god they still exist. Who wants to deal with too much friendliness, urgh... ;D

The next pictures are depicting the shop by Jenny Lüters, she makes wooden painted jewellery, you can find her here or on Facebook. Awesome work!

 The next shop was NAIL TAXI DELUXE. I bought a hairclip there.


Some funny things we saw:

Hampelmänner means something like fools in German. I would've loved to buy one of those patterns but they were to expensive :/

I'm having the same bath mat! And I'm so going to copy this because it's so clever!
Now to the main topic, the tattoos.


Pics from outside:

It was a crazy and inspiring day - can't wait for next year =)

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  1. schöner& (wie du ja selbst sagst) inspirierender Post :) Gefällt mir und macht Lust auf Morgen :)