On happiness & fortune

Kimmy, my bffaaabtbgitw [bestfriendforeverandalwaysandbeyondthebestgirlintheworld] tagged me in somekinda game where one has to write down their thoughts on a topic. Mine is fortune/happiness. In Germany, we do have one word for these things: Gl├╝ck.

My thoughts on luck are actually that it doesn't come in a fair way. You don't get what you deserve, it's just randomly spread. If you're lucky, you're lucky. Though thousands of people around me are preaching the opposite - I don't believe there's equality or fairness according to luck.

Happiness, to me, is a word that holds so many things.
When I think about happiness, I think of being satisfied, to have all I need.
To me, it's having a home, my family nearby, enjoying the company of true friends that get me, to have drive. For my hobbies and a job I like, or something to work for to accomplish it in the future.

I'm happy when no one puts me under pressure and I can live my life my way, that's my version of freedom, and I think freedom is very rare. That's hard and sometimes complicated, because I can get manipulated, pushed around and taken down very easily, but I get back up as soon as I was thrown down. I think that's me choosing happiness, too.

Happiness is something you can choose,
and it won't come to you until you let it in.
I think it's very simple not to be happy
and to cry about every little inconvenience
It's harder to choose happiness, to realize yourself deserves to.

I think being happy is being fearless. ;)

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