I'm going to London! :)

This upcoming week will be a special week, because I'm going to London with a larger group of students! There's not much money to be spend, but there's a camera und lots of modesty (has to be), sooo.... there will be photos on here. Many photos. My highlight, probably, will be to visit Camden Market again. I couldn't make it 2 years ago during my au pair job, the last time I was there was in 2008. Woooow, time's running, god! 4 years already. But soon I'm back again in my third home. I've always felt so homely there, it's curious. I must've lived there in a former life. For sure.

We have a tight schedule and two places we will see besides London are Bath and Cambridge. I've been to Cambridge two times before, one time with the guys from the language school I visited:

Cathaline, me, Claudia (Miss Italy) & Ania (Miss Poland) :P
I love Cambridge for its awesome atmosphere, it's so inspiring. Colleges & universities everywhere, ancient buildings, young people, casual yet educated. :P I'm looking forward to see it again!

What I also find fascinating about England is the way people dress: Very creatively! There's a wide range from amazing to amazingly weird, but you rarely see someone in a normal conservative outfit unless it's a tourist... I think it's good to be able to wear anything there and don't get weird looks. And that's how trends come up!

I also prepared my nails for the trip. :D (I tried twice und it was very difficult. Don't believe this pic, I photoshopped the flag. In reality it looks a little messier. :D Hey, I'm no nail artist!

Gotta pack the rest of my stuff together now. And there are some remained problems that need to be solved...
Have a nice week, I'll be back on Sunday! ;)

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