Why 'Almost Alice'?

Certain blogs don't have real reasons for their names. That's ok. Mine has.

Alice in Wonderland has been an inspiration for so many people, especially artists. The trend about Alice is only growing and industries make loads of money from the tale originally written for a little girl and her older sister, Alice, but brown-haired, unlike Alice how she's depicted all along.
You can find out more about the role model for Alice here.

The encounter of Alice and the caterpillar is a special one and happens quite at the beginning of the story. Now, there are two ways Alice can be mentioned as being 'almost Alice'.
1st: In the original tale by Lewis Carroll, Alice is in big confusion because she just changed her size to being very small by eating a cake. As she speaks to the caterpillar, she emphasises that she's not herself. The caterpillar asks 'So you think you're changed, do you?' and she responses 'I'm afraid I am, sir, I can't keep the same size for ten minutes together!'
2nd: In Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland with grown-up Alice visiting the wonderland she can't remember, the caterpillar states that she's not completely Alice (as she could reanimate more qualities of her former self from her childhood).

So, I took those 2 stories and realised that, in my case, my arts and crafts are always processing and because I'm so obsessive sometimes, they're nearly running away from me. Sometimes it's like chasing for something divine.
Almost Alice expresses incompleteness, and that's the point.
That's the thing that keeps me going: Accomplishing a thing but there's always another idea right around the corner!
That isn't stressful, that's the best and the most natural thing to me.
And that's why I got it tattooed on my wrist:

Once there was an artist on television, I remember it was a fashion designer, and he said sth like 'When I live my passion [as a designer], I feel that there must be something like a god.'

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