The story of your life?

I found a four-leaf clover once in my life when I was a child, it was on a walk with my parents in summer. I kept it for a long time, but somehow it disappeared, perhaps into trash, perhaps in the attic. Sad story. Well, recently I started looking for four-leaf clovers with a friend in university. Take a glimpse at us looking kinda silly:

Left: Natascha, Right: Me
Well, unfortunately, I didn't manage to find a four-leaf clover. Of course not, even though Natascha insisted on the fact that they're easy to find everywhere... haha. :P

BUT!!.. I really found a five-leaved clover. Which is an abberation too, but not known as a symbol of luck.. Today I found it pressed between the sheets of my notepad and decided to frame it to keep it secure.

Now, the interesting thing I thought about, was... the way it looks from further afar: Like a normal three-leaved one. Ordinary, like every other clover. But if you take a chance to look at it more closely, you can see that it actually has 5 leafs, which is pretty special.

Though not up to symbolic luck standards, or not yet? Maybe it means even more luck.
A greater advantage.

Sometimes we should take a closer look on things, before neglecting to notice they're special.

Have a nice day. :)


  1. entweder bin ich bescheuert, oder ich finde die anderen zwei Blätter nicht :D

  2. Sind in den großen drin, sie sind etwas kleiner und ich sehe auf meinem Bildschirm den Kontrast ;)