Craftoholic. If that word exists.

This week I got a lot of free time according to holidays. And atm there's not much to learn for so I started accomplishing and beginning all the craft projects I wanted to make over the last months and weeks. And now I've kinda fallen into an obsession and I just can't stop to craft and create and make. I nearly forget to eat! And having got so many stuff ready now, there's plenty to show, many photos, many tutorials, and I've kinda given up on posting them atm. I'd like to give each item the honor of not being posted one after another so some things don't get real attention. Sooo.. what's a girl to do? I think I'm gonna wait...be more patient with me.
Well.. this was me talking. You don't get that very often. :P
Have a nice weekend!

PS: I just noticed my Vintage Lace Shoes project is #18 in the ranking of the most popular projects atm! Great! :)


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