Almost Alice in English.

Since I'm active in an international craft community where English is the main language spoken (written :P), I sometimes thought about writing this blog in English. Everyone understands, foreign people can feel more involved. And I noticed that the clicks on my blog from other countries like Russia and the UK aren't just a small number - surprisingly! Anyway, this blog doesn't experience loads of talking so it won't be a rapid change. Yes, you've heard it - I'll do it. Will take me a considerable effort to translate the whole thang, but umm... I don't care. Really. I love English and it's no big deal for me. Plus, I'm following come new craft blogs from the US recently, soooo it would be great to give them sth back :)
Sooo, let's do it.
PS: You can find my studded ring project on DIY the look: Florence Welch on CO+K!
I discovered that yesterday though it's actually from march :)
(I gave a happy, loud YAY for this! :D)


  1. hmmm, solange ich noch auf deutsch kommentare schreiben kann geht es ja :D verstänlich ists jedenfalls und das mit dem ring find ich extrem cool :)

    1. coole Sachen