Those shoes were very cheap. I HAD to buy them, but Winter's gone and everyone knows them since every third person round here's runnin round in them. :/ So - Day Off, lots of time - Sex and the City Seasons in DVD Player - great conditions! :)

First, I removed the woolen fabric at the top. (Springtime, byebye Winter!)

Think about how the lace could fit your shoe best. Stick it with pins.

My edges didn't turn out so clean :/ so I decided to glue satin ribbon in a matching color over them.

I also hotglued ribbon on the egdes at the top. Just looks nicer.

And here's the second pair I've embellished:

Studs are great.

Next shoes are awaiting....!


  1. "Nieten sind was tolles.
    Außer menschliche."
    sehr gut :D mein persönliches Highlight. Neben dem Nietenschuh natürlich :) ♥