The evolution of a dress

Today I wanted to post sth different from my usual contents. When it comes to creating, I'm always in a process of recycling and altering. I enjoy that. I noticed that I've worn a specific dress more often, showing it in a new style each time.

Theme: Contrasts :)
After that, it was hanging in my closet for a longer time because I was dissatisfied with the fashion. I've had to less fabric to make it flattering and the end of the dress wasn't flared enough so I looked like I was fat. :D
Then I wore it again for a shoot in April 2011 named "Spieluhr", which means musical clock/music box in German and is named after a song by a German band. I tore the hem apart because it matched the theme :D but basically..it was because I wouldn't look fat anymore ^^
Now it's tainted with artifical blood... nothing I can't cover up using Photoshop.

At next, I chose the dress a few months later for my ghost-shoot which was about certain camera settings that make the pic looks scary in the end. The following pic shows none of those settings but the dress with an extending fabric that helped me look like I just left the grave:

(that was FUN!)
And lastly, after the dress had been tortured for several horror activities, it found it's place at a frozen over lake with my mother's underskirt from her bridal dress. I love these snowwhite photos, especially because I wasn't sure about the whole thing in the first place.

And so it ends. :)


  1. sehr cooler Post :) Gute Idee auch :)
    Mir fällt übrigens grad auf, dass die Bilder teilweise in die rechte Leiste mit reingehen, musst du mal umstellen ^^

  2. kann ich dir das nächste mal einstellen, wenn du hier bist oder so^^