Official Version: Owl wallet :)

Things I used: Owl fabric, denim for inside, zipper, other fabrics (polka dots :P)
Took me 1 hour.

So here's the final showable version of my wallet which drove me crazy and took me like forever. The pattern is cribbed but not copied (there's a difference, he?!). I saw the wallet online with the pattern for sale, but screw it - I'm sewing for 6 years now and passed two internships in tailor shops.

All in all it has nine pockets and my semester tickets fits in which makes it perfect. It's just not stable like a wallet you can buy, but that doesn't bother me. It has some fans already :D If I sew wallets again, only with this pattern! Only drawback: Now see-through pocket for photos :/


  1. ahhh änna , wie schön das neue design geworden ist :) mir gefällts !

  2. Dankeschön :)