How to: Yummy scissor holders

Having scissors lying around was so disturbing so I wanted to hang them on my wall. First I made the matching pattern, then I saw that it looked like an ice-cream cone, so I thought, why not make it one? ^^ Have fun with this tutorial, my camera is a total mess now, gonna have to buy a new one - those are the last photos I took xD

You Will Need:
Hot glue gun, sequins/pearl bead(s) Etc., embroidery floss, yarn + needle, different colours of felt, paper for your pattern

Make pattern, cut out of thick (!) felt & sew together, doesn't need to be very clean.
Cut out matching cones out of yellow (non-thick ^^) felt & pin on
Make pattern for those ice-cream scoops, cut out + pin together on the top of the cone

Sew the middle part on the thick cone base, I did this with embroidery floss.
Sew on beads or anything youwant for the sprinkles.
Then sew the edges together with normal yarn.
Now it should look like this. =)

Cut out a holder for the.. holders :P out of thick felt and glue it on the backside.

Use pins to hang it on your wall.
Done! :)

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  1. ich finds cool. ich glaub nur ich würde es für stifte benutzen^^