How to: Suffering Bear-Bag

Type of project: Turn plushie into a bag
Inspiration: Emilie Autumn's bear "Suffer" (who's got stolen :/)
Took me: ~ 1 hour
Material: Cheap plushie, needle & (thick black) thread, fabric scraps, water colour & fabric paint, carrying strap
Style: Emilie Autumn-ish :) <3

I LOVE this bag. I wanted a plushie that I can turn into a bag for longer, plus I wanted a teddy that I could destroy. The combination was brilliant. The plushie was cheap, about 5-6 €. I removed the stuffing in the belly area, only there! Then I covered the passage between belly+legs with stretchy fabric to keep the stuffing separated. Then to the decorations: a scar with a gradient of red. I also accentuated the ears and changed the snout. Don't forget to sew on the strap!
It was very popular when I carried it in public :) There's no age limit for plushies!
Only drawback: Little space for stuff.

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